They say pink is the new black, and whilst we're not certain about that they do make a truly unique statement whether you prefer a girly pink or a more stylish hot pink. So if you're looking for pink laptops then you've came to the right site, as we've searched the web to bring you the complete selection all in one place from big name manufacturers down to lesser known brands, they'll all here.

Latest Pink Laptops

Pink Samsung N145P

Pink Samsung N145P Photo
“The cheapest pink netbook we have come across that doesn't lack on features,...”

Dell Inspiron 15R Laptop

Dell Inspiron 15R Laptop
“Whilst more of a red in colour this laptop has both impressive looks...”

Pink Laptop Bag and Carry Case

Pink Laptop Bag
“A gorgeous pink laptop case makes the perfect accessory for the modern girl...”

Sony Vaio VPCEA3S1E/P Pink Laptop

Sony Vaio VPC-EA3S1E Image
“The ultimate in power and performance and one of the best looking pink...”

Sony Vaio VPCY21S1E/P in pink

“An exceptionally powerful Sony laptop with not only stylish looks but the power...”

HP Mini Netbook PC 110-1160SA

HP Pink Netbook
“A pretty little netbook with all the power and performance of a bigger...”

A feminine coloured netbook may not appeal to everyone's sense of taste and style, however if you or somebody you know is passionate about the colour pink then like us you'll really love their vibrant looks and style, and a feminine laptop will make an ideal gift for your daughter, wife, loved one or indeed any member of the family. From the cheap laptops to the top of the range feature packed we have your ideal choice right here and you will find our range features such big name manufacturers as Sony , Dell, Hewlett Packard, Asus and Acer as well as pink laptops reviews and accessories. We also feature a wide selection of pink laptops bags and mice to accessorise with as well as keep your hardware protected from the rigours of daily life and your privacy secure.

Initially such laptops gained widespread exposure from their use in the film Legally Blonde in which Reese Witherspoon plays a sorority girl who follows her ex boyfriend to law school, complete with hot pink laptop (and dog!). However these days they're not just limited to teenage girls and are finding an ever growing demand from the older generation ranging from pink laptops for kids and students seeking the perfect accompaniment right on through to the modern business woman With the wide range of colours available for laptops these days pink is no longer seen as being girly and whilst still an effeminate colour there is certainly not such the stigma attached to it that perhaps there has been in the past.

What we're seeing nowadays is strong confident women, and indeed men, who want attractive colours and highly stylish laptops that don't skimp on the tech features, and this can only be a good thing as far as the market goes, and the sooner the big name manufactures start to have their heads turned by the consumer the better as far as we're concerned. Yes Mr Sony and Mr Dell, we want more pink laptops damnit! However in the meantime i have noticed a growing trend for what i call “sleeving” your laptop. If you're not certain what this is then let me explain, quite simply put a lot of modern laptops feature a detachable sleeve around the case itself and we're seeing more and more of these sleeves come on the market. I have to say some of these laptop sleeve designs are simply stunning, i mean check out the designs and colours on these Acer laptops, gorgeous no? Such beautiful and delicate shades of pinks and purples, they will certainly brighten up any laptop that's for sure, and of course the best thing is that i can now pick a sleeve design that matches my mood or indeed outfit that day, yay! He he, ok i know you all won't get as excited about it as me, but i have to say this is a really interesting direction the pink laptop market is taking and it could well become the in thing of the future.