“The cheapest pink netbook we have come across that doesn't lack on features, well worth a look if you are seeking style and functionality on a budget.”

Pink Samsung N145P

Pink Samsung N145P Photo

This nifty little netbook is probably the cheapest on the market today, coming in at around £200, however don’t let that put you off, it’s packed with features that you would find in much more expensive offerings. With a decent sized 10.1″ screen and up to 9-10 hours battery life it’s great for use on your travels, whether it’s a short journey or a longer one the battery life and anti glare screen will ensure you can continue to work on your projects for extended periods of time.  Another thing that makes this netbook great for travel is its robust design, it seems a lot more solid than some of the laptops we’ve got our hands on and we’re fairly confident it could withstand a good solid fall, though we didn’t test this and I wouldn’t recommend you do either!

With the Intel Atom 1.66Ghz processor powering things you have a solid basis for coping with most day-to-day applications however depending on your planned use, you may wish to upgrade the memory on this thing to 2GB from the standard 1GB if you plan on using it for higher end operations. Otherwise, tech specs wise the Pink Samsung N145P has all that you will need, 250GB hard drive, wireless network, webcam and the fantastic windows 7 starter operating system to tie everything together. With an impressive maximum resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels you have plenty of screen real estate to display your office applications, or even to watch YouTube when taking a little break from the stress of work life.

Looks wise it’s quite appealing to the eye and the smooth operation of the screen hinge helps to accentuate it’s good looks, if that is of important to you (of course it is, we love pink after all!). Of course it comes in black and pink variations, or more specifically Corby Pink, yes, i have no idea what that is either, it’s certainly a pretty pink though. Afterall we all know that being pink and stylish is far more important than usability, right? Well, maybe not, thankfully though however this netbook has both form and function in equal measures, which when you consider the price is quite remarkable.

In short, unless you’re looking to play the latest and greatest games then this netbook should offer you more than enough power to run your day-to-day applications and it’s certainly worth reading through the reviews online to see if this netbook will suit your needs. For me, there is no comparison considering the bargain level price, this is the cheapest and most functional netbook your £200 can buy, anywhere.

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