“Choosing a new laptop can often be a difficult decision, especially when you have to balance your loved ones desires for a pretty pink one with the need for it to be functional and powerful enough to accomplish any tasks it may be called upon.”

3 tips for buying a new pink laptop

Recently my fiancée and I had the need to buy our eldest daughter a new laptop as quite frankly her old one was beginning to show its age and in this fast paced world of notebooks it just didn’t cut the mustard anymore. As regular readers know already we’re quite fond of pink laptops here and regularly check out the latest ones, and as you may have guessed our daughters main criteria for her new laptop was that it be pink. No surprises there then and she spent the evening with my fiancée browsing various designs of laptop untill she had built up a short list. Well this shortlist contained some that I would consider unworthy to be frank, mainly in due to their poor performance and technical specs. It was this that gave me the idea for this post and to outline some key points to consider when browsing for a new laptop or notebook.

#1 It needs to be functional and not just pretty!
Much to our daughters disapproval we insisted that she chose a laptop that would match both her current needs and those of her future needs as we all know technology grows at an amazing pace and one of the best ways of keeping in touch is to make sure you’re buying current technology, and not one that lacks the features and power to compete with future technology for some years to come! Thankfully most laptops you will find these days have plenty of power and are certainly not sub standard just because they come in a range of pinks.

#2 Will it still be of use in 3 or 5 years time?
Our daughter is becoming quite the designer and this looks to be the area in which she will purse a career which pleases my fiancée as she is also in a similar line of work. However such a career demands a strong source of processing power, some areas more so than others and as such i insisted that the laptop she chose have a strong processor in relation to todays most recent releases and also came with at least 4GB of memory which i feel will be plenty for even the most strenuous of tasks the laptop may be given.

#3 Pink laptops don’t necessarily have to be pink!
In the end, we finally settled upon a laptop that isn’t pink… Yes, that’s right, you heard it here first, however i should point out that the particular laptop came with an adjustable sleeve that can be removed and swapped out with alternate sleeves that come in a range of different patterns and colours. Indeed our daughter choose a couple of such sleeves, both of which strongly featured pink amongst a varied pallet of colours and my daughter has also set about designing her own pattern for such a sleeve which will truly set her notebook apart from the rest.