I think somebody once said, “Any colour you want as long as it's pink” or something similar. That's right we have a great range of pink Acer laptops right here for you from all the biggest retailers. With their fabulous quality of build and feature packed designs these laptops really are built to satisfy and their distinctive stylish looks will help you stand out from the crowd wherever you may travel.

From it's humble beginnings Acer have grown quickly into one of the dominant PC manufacturers today. Their reputation for no nonsense quality products at the cheapest possible price has certainly helped them achieve this and their range of pink laptops is certainly no different. Developing their original reputation from high quality electronic components, Acer expanded into more complex computer components before finally moving into producing PC and laptop, and it's here that they found their real home. Producing quality PCs saw them grow into a huge manufacturer, past even big name brands such as Dell and Toshiba as their budget pc's were snapped up by a market hungry for quality at a highly competitive price.

The Acer Aspire range of laptops is of particular interest to us as their funky style and colourful designs make them the perfect pink laptop to help you show your distinct feminine side. Whether its a girly pink or a passionate pink this range of laptops have something to offer you or your loved one and with their history of quality and power packed performance they have everything the modern man or woman about town needs. Word processing, spreadsheets or simply browsing the web, all these laptops have more than enough power to accomplish all but the most demanding of tasks you could possible ask of it.