“This little Pink laptop comes in any colour as long as it's, ermm, pink! Though i'm sure that won't be a problem for you!”

Acer Aspire One D260

Pink Acer Aspire One D260

We really like the style of this laptop, its distinctive pinky purple print is quite unusual amongst the laptops we’ve checked out so far and have received more than one second glance when carrying it about town. From Taiwanese manufacturers Acer, the Aspire One is a nifty little bit of kit that’s for sure. It features an Intel Atom processor, 1GB memory, 160GB Disk space and comes complete with a genuine windows 7 operating system allowing you to get the best out of your laptop. Windows 7 is the latest operating system from Microsoft and really does allow you to work at a maximum product level thanks to its feature rich software and stability. Couple this with your Acer laptop and you have the perfect partnership for work or play.

With integrated 1.3 megapixel webcam and Wi-Fi capability you have all you need to make use of hotspot connections at your local cafe or hotel as well the ability to plug into a static internet connection which gives you the best of both worlds. You really do get everything you need to make the best possible use of mobile computing which is becoming more and more useful in this day and age. Couple this with the quality of build that Acer offer and you have a pink laptop that you will use for years to come and is durable enough to stand up to the rigours of modern-day life and travel, no matter where you may end up in the world.

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