“This stunning little Disney Netbook from ASUS is great for your budding princess and features a wealth of parental controls to ensure their safety.”

Asus Disney 8.9″ Netbook MK90H

Disney Asus Netbook

This stunning Disney themed Netbook from Asus is the ideal starter laptop for your budding Disney princess. Meant for kids aged 6-12 it’s durable lightweight design and attractive pink theme it offers a truly magical experience to use with its custom windows theme based around a number of Disney characters. With a robust design that features a spill proof keyboard and anti-shock technology it can easily stand up to the rigours of day to use no matter how “gentle” the treatment it receives. Coming pre-installed with a number of Disney related software it gives a great experience right out of the box and features parental controls built-in so you can decide just how often each kid can use it.

Further the parental controls allow you to limit who your kid can e-mail and who can e-mail them, giving you maximum peace of mind when allowing a child to use this laptop. The parental controls on this laptop really are top-notch and you can even prevent your child from viewing any website that you haven’t already approved. We think this is really great as you can allow the kids to play on Club Penguin or such without having to constantly check over their shoulder to ensure they haven’t left the site and viewing something they shouldn’t.

The technical features of this netbook aren’t exactly going to blow you away, however they are more than adequate for the needs of your child. With a decent 1.6GHz proccesor, 1GB memory and 160GB disk space it’s plenty to run your kids applications and software and offers a quite impressive 5 hour battery life between charging. Overall I’m really impressed by this netbook and the parental controls offered, any parent can feel secure in the knowledge their child will be safe when online with this netbook. We really can’t find a bad thing to say about it!

Sadly this laptop is currently not available to purchase, however you may find a suitable alternative below…

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