Dell have a long history of producing quality desktop PCs and laptop computers and this tradition continues to this very day. With their fantastic Inspiron range of laptops they combine stylish looks with a reputation for high quality products and have one of the best selling range of laptops in the world. It's from this Inspiron range that you will find a good selection of pink dell laptops.

Dell laptops are one of the most sought after range of laptops around, with dell you get a product built by one of the biggest computer manufacturers in the world. These guys really know their stuff when it comes to computers and laptops, with their range of products including servers, networking hardware, printers and smart phones to name but a view. Started by a student in Texas, Dell quickly grew to become one of the biggest companies in the US thanks to their customer orientated philosophy, and that philosophy remains an integral part of the company to this day.

The Dell Inspiron range of laptops is technically a budget range however don't let that fool you, these laptops come with some serious power and compete with the best that other manufacturers have to offer. Whether you're looking for a laptop or notebook for work or home use you can't go wrong with a Dell. Lightweight, durable and backed by the Dell guarantee you can rest assured that your laptop will continue to do its job for years to come and be able to deal with the daily wear and tear a well traveled laptop has to endure. Pink laptops such as the Dell 1545/9169 offer high level features at a budget price and are quite simply outstanding value for money.