As one of the largest information technology companies in the world, Hewlett Packard (HP), as you may expect, have a decent range of pink HP laptops. Gaining world wide respect for their quality products they are also one of the oldest manufacturers of electronics goods still around to this day, so when buying a HP laptop you can be sure you will have the quality and support for years to come.

Dating back as far as 1939, Hewlett Packard first started making waves in the electronics market with their range of testing equipment moving on through the very first calculators and digital banking equipment, through to printers and finally into what we consider the forerunners of today's modern computers and laptops. Indeed a certain employee of HP developed the original Apple line of computers however it wasn't until the 1990's that they really started making progress in the personal computer market where they continued to grow and grow up to the point of turning over a whopping net revenue of $115 billion in 2009!