“Lightweight and pink, it has everything the modern girl about town needs from a netbook.”

Pink Sony Vaio VPC-M12M1E Netbook

Pink Sony Vaio VPC-M12M1E

This superb offering from Sony is the Vaio M series Netbook and offers a host of features suitable for any modern girl about town. With a distinctive pink coloured case and a lighter pastel pink keyboard area it’s sure to stand out from the crowd, however don’t let that fool you, it’s also jam-packed with features and high quality simply oozes from it. With the latest Windows 7 operating system (which is one hell of an improvement over previous versions of windows ), Intel Atom CPU, 1GB of memory and a generous 250GB storage space it comes fully equipped with wireless networking so you can get online asap!

Whilst the screen display is a little small at 10.1″ this is to be expected from a netbook and it certainly doesn’t distract from its usability in the slightest as it still offers a 1024 x 600 pixel display. If we had to pick fault with this pink netbook then it would be with the size of the memory installed and its battery life. At just 1GB of memory, you won’t be playing the latest games on this netbook that’s for sure, however it’s still perfectly adequate for browsing the web or composing documents. Sony advertise a 4 hour battery life for this model and whilst this doesn’t compare favourably with the upper end of other similar products, it’s still a reasonable length of time and overall, this netbook isn’t a bad product at all. Backed by Sony’s famous quality of build and guarantee, it’s certainly one to consider if you’re looking for a pink lightweight compact netbook.

Sadly this laptop is currently not available to purchase, however you may find a suitable alternative below…

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